Brand: MIKROTIK Model: CA411-711
CA411-711 is new indoor case for RB411 / RB911 / RB912 series.It has changeable front panels, so you can choose one that fits the product that you actually use.Also, case is higher to accommodate high-power wireless cards and has wall mounting holes on the back...
Ex Tax:30.25AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: CA433U
RB433, RB433AH and RB433UAH Indoor case (3 holes for Nfemale Bulkhead connectors or AC/SWI Swivel antennas and hole for USB)...
Ex Tax:48.98AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: CA150
RB450 CaseThe RB450 indoor case comes with a beautiful contemporary design that makes it sophisticated, polished, and professional looking. It isn’t a sight for sore eyes. Rather, it adds aesthetics to your networking system. You wouldn’t mind having friends and family see it just around the corner ..
Ex Tax:30.25AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: GPeR-IP67-Case
Sturdy and affordable outdoor enclosure for GPeR units. It can be easily mounted on walls and poles. Despite the name, meticulous testing revealed that in real life the enclosure has an IP68 rating with protection from immersion in water, as well as protection from dust. Get an outdoor enclosure for..
Ex Tax:18.73AZN
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