Brand: MIKROTIK Model: RBD25G-5HPacQD2HPnD
Tri-band (one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz) Mesh Home APThe stylish 802.11ac Tri-band Mesh Router is designed to provide fast, reliable, easy-to-manage Wi-Fi in every corner of your largest home.Features:Two Gigabit Ethernet portsPairing a Second 5GHz Radio with Other DevicesStylish design allows the Mesh ro..
Ex Tax:354.41AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: RBD25GR-5HPacQD2HPnD&R11e-LTE6
Wi-Fi has to be fast, reliable, easy to manage, it must reach every room and every corner. That is exactly what Audience devices can deliver in grand style – even in the biggest houses!Audience LTE6 kit is a tri-band (one 2.4 GHz & two 5 GHz ) home access point with LTE support and meshing techn..
Ex Tax:573.39AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: RBD53G-5HacD2HnD-TC&RG502Q-EA
MikroTik Chateau 5G - One router to delight them all – introducing the ultimate home AP with ultra-fast LTE/5G support!Chateau 5G s a high-speed, dual-band home access point with LTE/5G support – for really fast Internet anywhere, anytime. There are many options to choose from, depending on your nee..
Ex Tax:1,113.64AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: RBD53G-5HacD2HnD-TC&EG12-EA
Let’s face it – most of the standard issue access points can’t really satisfy the extremely diverse client base – they either lack features, users want more speed and higher gain, the price is too high or they look weird. We decided to take all the aspects that are important for most home users and ..
Ex Tax:406.27AZN
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