Upcoming trainings:

MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate) – OCTOBER 30- NOVEMBER 1

MTCTCE (MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer) – NOVEMBER 2-4

MTCEWE(MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer) – NOVEMBER 5-7


MTCNA course about the main capabilities of the RouterOS operating system and RouterBoard hardware. The course is intended for system administrators, computer network specialists, system integrators and IT managers. During the course, you will gain a complete understanding of the capabilities of the MikroTik Router OS operating system and the features of the MikroTik Router Board hardware platform. They will help you learn how to configure, manage, diagnose and troubleshoot basic router problems, provide basic services to customers, and administer corporate data networks, wireless service provider (WISPs) and ISPs networks. If you have set up a wired or wireless connection in any operating system, your knowledge is quite enough, we will explain the rest during the training process.


The MTCTCE course is key to understanding how Firewall, QoS, NAT and more work. It examines in detail the packet flow diagram inside RouterOS (Packet Flow Diagram). Practical work on real hardware helps to better understand and consolidate the material.

One of the parts of the training discusses the implementation of Quality of Service (QoS) in MikroTik RouterOS. You'll learn how to manage bandwidth, prioritize one type of traffic and limit the speed of another. Both simple queues (Simple Queue) and queue trees (Queue Tree) are analyzed and compared with each other. We will explain to you the difference and how to use QoS in practice. The types of queues (PCQ, RED, FIFO, SFQ) and the features of their use are also discussed.

In addition, the work of DHCP-server, DHCP-client, DHCP-relay is discussed in detail. Explains the purpose, use, and how to write various useful DHCP options. Additionally, the implementation of a DNS server in MikroTik RouterOS is discussed, and some parameters that can save you nerves if you need to redirect some DNS requests to another DNS server.

Understanding the Packet Flow Diagram is the key to effectively using a router in networks where traffic prioritization is necessary. In addition, a correct, effective, readable firewall is the key to smooth operation, without fear of unauthorized access from the network infrastructure to protected resources.



The MTCEWE (MikroTik Certified Enterprise Wireless Engineer) course is intended for network and systems engineers who administer wireless networks, as well as for all IT professionals who want to improve their level of knowledge in the field of building enterprise wireless client access networks.

During the training, issues of interaction between devices on the radio, the principles of operation of various antennas, transceiver devices, and wireless network standards are discussed. Learn how to troubleshoot problems with multiple wireless devices.

You will learn how to build high-density client access networks. Learn the principles of organizing networks with “seamless” and “pseudo-seamless” coverage.

You'll be learning about CapsMAN, MikroTik's free wireless access point controller.



Vadim Skornich is a certified MikroTik trainer (license TR0659), works personally with each course participant, checks test assignments and advises on course topics. Experience in IT - 30 years, first experience with RouterOS - 1999.


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