Much like video game consoles, UniFi Consoles are hardware platforms specially designed to run our UniFi OS and software applications.  They provide fantastic performance, security, and cost savings benefits.  And when paired with UniFi hi-capacity PoE switches, can power a full site’s IT infrastructure including networking, camera security, communications, and even the building itself.  

UniFi OS consoles are designed to enable users to work with UniFi OS and other specialized Ubiquiti applications. It is safer and more economical, and performance indicators are increased at the same time. The console is capable of many things, even supporting the IT infrastructure of an entire building, including networks, video surveillance, phones and sensors (it is desirable to supplement it with a UniFi PoE switch with a high energy budget).

Each category is designed to fit specific environments ranging from home to enterprise.

Most versatile console is the Dream Machine: integrating a powerful internet gateway, ethernet switch, expandable disk storage, and optional internet and power redundancy all within a single rack 1U form factor.  The Dream Machine can be deployed in environments ranging from homes to medium businesses and comes in two models: Professional and Special Edition

The Dream Wall eliminates the need for a data closet altogether; and is perfect for environments where space is at a premium.  Dream Walls match the performance and feature set of the Dream machines while additionally integrating power redundancy, enterprise wifi, and hi-capacity PoE switching.  PoE switching capacity can be further expanded using inline UniFi Flex switches.  The Dream Wall comes in a Standard and Professional model. 

The Dream Router is a desktop console designed for small-scale UniFi deployments.  Featuring Enterprise WiFi, built-in storage, and a PoE switch, Dream Routers are capable of running any UniFI application out of the box and can provide a great introductory experience into the world of UniFi. 

The Cloud Key allows for seamless UniFi integration within an existing network gateway.  For example, a Cloud Key can instantly power a simple low-capacity camera security system or an office door access system. 

The Cloud Console is a pure software console hosted by Ubiquiti that is specifically designed for very high-capacity UniFi network installations.  Capable of managing thousands of UniFi Network devices, it is ideally paired with an onsite UniFi Next-Gen Gateway.