Currently, fiber optic solutions are becoming more and more common when it comes to building extensive Internet networks available not only for large companies, but also for our apartments and households.

The DUDE trademark justifies the expectations of network service providers, offering high-quality products adapted to various customer needs. According to our beliefs, we put the client in the first place and want everyone to have the opportunity and pleasure to use quick and trouble-free access to broadband Internet connection.

DUDE is a brand offering a wide range of fiber optic cables, server cabinets and network accessories. Our products are used in the construction of the urban and suburban infrastructure of fiber-optic communication lines using FTTH technology. Creating new networks or the development of existing fiber-optic communication can be extremely simple. Dude offers professional and comprehensive solutions for fiber optic networks, ranging from advanced OLT terminals, via ONU client devices, Drop cables (FTTH, ADSS), switchgear, transceivers, multiplexers, splitters, connectors, and ending with PON network accessories, such as: Patchcords, pigtails, adapters, splitters, anchor clips and patch panels.

The brand offer also has devices intended for use in Ethernet wired networks. To meet the expectations of clients working with wired networks, the Dude range also includes Ethernet cables, PoE switches, PoE extension cables and other accessories.

DUDE also offers a wide range of server and wiring cabinets - reliable, convenient and flexible in use. Server and switching cabinets are built on a modular basis and can be used to solve a wide range of tasks.

DUDE takes over the mission to "maximize the value of digital connections and benefit human society." Due to its deep savings in the field of information and communication, Dude holds basic values: "Customer orientation, dedication, permanent innovation and continuous development," and seeks people to enjoy the speed of the Internet, which appeared as a result of the development of communication technologies.