Ubiquiti Isolator Ring 620 (ISO-BEAM-620)

Ubiquiti Isolator ring for PowerBeam 620 and RD-5G30-LWDescription The IsoBeam™ is an isolator radom..

221.00AZN Ex Tax: 187.29AZN

Ubiquiti RocketDish 5G30 (RD-5G30)

RocketDish 5G30Improve network relationships such as those located in various locations through the ..

370.60AZN Ex Tax: 314.07AZN

Ubiquiti RocketDish 5G30 Light Weight 2pcs (RD-5G30-LW)

Innovative Industrial DesignWeighing in at only 7.4 kg, the RocketDish LW is engineered with ruggedi..

530.40AZN Ex Tax: 449.49AZN

Ubiquiti 5 GHz airMAX 34 dBi RocketDish Antenna (RD-5G34)

RocketDish 5G34The RocketDish antenna is highly ideal for point-to-point networking - that is, if yo..

870.40AZN Ex Tax: 737.63AZN

Ubiquiti RocketDish 5G31 AC (RD-5G31-AC)

Breakthrough Design and PerformanceThe powerful RocketDish™ ac Antennas feature carrier-class constr..

935.00AZN Ex Tax: 792.37AZN

Ubiquiti Radome 2 (RAD-RD2)

Radome 2Though a RocketDish is built with the harsh weather conditions outdoors in mind, they can st..

161.50AZN Ex Tax: 136.86AZN

Ubiquiti Radome 3 (RAD-RD3)

Radome 3Worried about the antenna? If you’re using a RocketDish 5G34, you can buy a Radome 3.Improve..

289.00AZN Ex Tax: 244.92AZN

Ubiquiti RocketDish 2G24 (RD-2G24)

RocketDish 2G24The various Rocket M devices have been designed for seamless, reliable, and cost-effe..

438.60AZN Ex Tax: 371.69AZN

Ubiquiti RocketDish 3G26 (RD-3G26)

RocketDish 3G26Are you using Rocket M3? Then you can maximize its throughput and speed through Rocke..

629.00AZN Ex Tax: 533.05AZN
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