Ubiquiti AirFiber AF11-Complete-HB

Ubiquiti AirFiber AF11-Complete-HB

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Ubiquiti AirFiber 11 Complete HB Bridge

The AF11-Complete-HB is a high-performance modular kit that includes the AirFiber 11G35 narrow directional parabolic antenna and the AirFiber 11 x “high” range radio bridge. The kit is a good solution if you need to forward a high-speed link point-to-point at medium and long distances.

The AF11-Complete-HB is characterized by a combination of a powerful radio module integrated in AirFiber 11 x and an antenna with the highest gain. Just look at the dry numbers - 35 dbi gain at 30 dbm of power (1000 MW!). After that, the results of Ubiquiti laboratory tests, which showed the possibility of connecting two similar sets at a distance of 300 kilometers (subject to direct visibility), no longer seem unbelievable.

In addition, the INVICTUS chip used in AirFiber 11 x, which provides impressive connection capacity efficiency, should be noted. When using MIMO mode, the maximum connection speed can reach 1.2 Gbit / s. The channel width in this case is 56 MHz, and the modulation used is 1024 qam.

One of the main advantages of AF11-Complete-HB is that in the frequency range 11.440-11.700 - (high-frequency duplexer, high range) is significantly less than third-party working radio equipment. For example, the frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, especially in large settlements, are very congested, and even when creating radio bridges, sometimes problems arise. AF11-Complete-HB, on the other hand, uses not only a less noisy range, but also a narrowly directed antenna, with a beam width of only 2.5 degrees, which, in total, reduces the influence of other equipment and the collection of interference is virtually null.

Both the AirFiber 11G35 antenna and the AirFiber 11 x radio bridge included in the AF11-Complete-HB kit have high mechanical strength and resistance to the effects of adverse environmental factors such as rain, snow, and sudden changes in temperature. At the same time, the temperature range acceptable for using the kit is from - 40 to 55 degrees.

Operating Frequency: 10.3 - 11.7 GHz
Polarization: Default: H/V After Rotating OMT: ± 4
Mounting: Uses the AF-5/AF-5U Mounting System
Device dimensions: ø 811 x 460 mm (ø 31.9 x 18.1")