Ubiquiti PowerBeam 2AC 400 18dBi (PBE-2AC-400)

Using airMAX ac technology, the PBE-2AC-400 supports up to 330+ Mbps real TCP/IP throughput.Manageme..

323.00AZN Ex Tax: 273.73AZN

Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC Gen2 (PBE-5AC-Gen2)

The new PowerBeam 5ac-Gen2 access point is an updated version of the well-known Ubiquiti Networks pr..

316.20AZN Ex Tax: 267.97AZN

Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC Gen2 5-pack (PBE-5AC-Gen2-5)

Using airMAX ac technology, the PBE-5AC-GEN2 supports up to 450+ Mbps real TCP/IP throughput. It lau..

1,564.00AZN Ex Tax: 1,325.42AZN

Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 400 25dBi (PBE-M5-400)

Improved Noise ImmunityThe PowerBeam directs RF energy in a tighter beamwidth. With the focus in one..

244.80AZN Ex Tax: 207.46AZN

Ubiquiti AirCube ISP (ACB-ISP)

airCUBE - airMAX Home Wi-Fi Access Point.With a compact design and integrated 24V PoE passthrough, t..

90.10AZN Ex Tax: 76.36AZN

Ubiquiti AirFiber 11 (no duplexers) (AF-11)

airFiber 11Breaking free from the congested 5 GHz band, airFiber® 11 is the first modular airFiber r..

1,795.20AZN Ex Tax: 1,521.36AZN

Ubiquiti AirFiber 60

airFiber 60 GHz/5 GHz Radio System with 1+ Gbps ThroughputAF60 is a 60 GHz radio for low-interferenc..

1,485.80AZN Ex Tax: 1,259.15AZN

Ubiquiti AirFiber 60 LR

airFiber 60 GHz Radio System Featuring Wave Technology with True Duplex Gigabit Performance for PtP ..

1,198.50AZN Ex Tax: 1,015.68AZN

Ubiquiti AirFiber AF11-Complete-HB

Ubiquiti AirFiber 11 Complete HB BridgeThe AF11-Complete-HB is a high-performance modular kit that i..

4,460.80AZN Ex Tax: 3,780.34AZN

Ubiquiti AirFiber AF11-Complete-LB

AF11-Complete-LBairFiber 11 is the first modular airFiber radio system purpose-built for the 11 GHz ..

4,460.80AZN Ex Tax: 3,780.34AZN

Ubiquiti airMAX GigaBeam Long-Range AC 60/5 GHz Radio (GBE-LR)

airMAX AC 60 GHz/5 GHz Radio with 1+ Gbps Throughput and Up to 2 km RangeFeaturing a high-gain dish ..

618.80AZN Ex Tax: 524.41AZN

Ubiquiti Ceiling Mount for UVC-G3-FLEX (UVC-G3-F-C)

UVC-G3-F-CRecessed ceiling mount for UVC-G3-FLEX camera. Mount the camera in a ceiling or ceiling co..

57.80AZN Ex Tax: 48.98AZN

Ubiquiti Ceiling Mount for UVC-G3-FLEX 3-Pack (UVC-G3-F-C-3)

Ubiquiti ceiling mount for UVC-G3-FLEX camera. The equipment is intended for installation in drywall..

159.80AZN Ex Tax: 135.42AZN

Ubiquiti EdgePower 24V 72W (EP-24V-72W)

The EdgePower 24V 72W is a controllable and controllable 24V DC power supply with a plug-in backup b..

831.30AZN Ex Tax: 704.49AZN

Ubiquiti EdgePower 54V 150W (EP-54V-150W)

EdgePower is a modular system, high power, the PSU is designed to connect routers / switches to Edge..

537.20AZN Ex Tax: 455.25AZN
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