Teltonika FMB910

Teltonika FMB910

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Teltonika FMB910 is an inexpensive version of FMB920 tracker. The main differences are the overall size of the device, a different GNSS antenna design, and the increased size of some components, which results in dimensional changes. The device has all internal antennas for easy installation without the need to connect antennas. Like other Teltonika trackers, FMB910 is assembled by robots, which eliminates the human factor and ensures high quality of the device. The tracker has a digital input for ignition control or for connecting an alarm button. Remote immobilization of the vehicle can be achieved using a digital output. Bluetooth connectivity further enhances your peripheral connectivity. Teltonika FMB910 can be used in various applications such as basic tracking and stolen vehicle search. It can be installed on cars, motorcycles and even trucks.

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