SNOM M25 Office Handset

M25 Office HandsetA DECT handset for professional business useThe M25 DECT handset is a high-functio..

311.10 USD

SNOM M325 DECT Bundle

M325 DECT BundleUp to 20 handsets on a single cell DECT base stationThis single cell DECT package in..

574.60 USD


M5 Range Extending RepeaterExtending the range of your DECT solutionThis wall mounted repeater incre..

431.80 USD

SNOM M70 Office DECT Handset

M70 Office DECT HandsetThe Snom M70 DECT handset is the perfect office all-rounder for unlimited wor..

0.00 USD

SNOM M700 DECT Multicell Base Station

M700 DECT Multicell Base StationMobility with a VoIP cordless DECT multi-cell base stationThe M700 I..

952.00 USD

SNOM M80 Ruggedized DECT Handset

M80 Ruggedized DECT HandsetThe Snom M80 is the perfect all-rounder for indoor and outdoor use. The h..

0.00 USD

SNOM M85 Industrial Handset

Rugged, durable DECT handsetThe M85 industrial handset has been developed for the most demanding day..

1,191.70 USD

SNOM M90 Antibacterial DECT Handset

M90 Antibacterial DECT HandsetThe M90 DECT handset is specially designed for use in hospitals and ho..

0.00 USD

SNOM M900 DECT Multicell

M900 DECT Multicell Base StationWith the new M900 base station, we are opening a new chapter in prof..

0.00 USD
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