The Snom C520 - WiMi combined with the Snom C52-SP is the perfect solution for people who regularly ..

525.30 USD

SNOM C520 - WiMi

The Snom C520 is a modern and cost-effective conferencing solution for enterprises of any scale.Than..

765.00 USD

SNOM D305 Desk Telephone

HD audio and sensor hook switchThe D305 is a professional phone with a high-resolution display that ..

294.10 USD

SNOM D315 Desk Telephone

Gigabit switch and USB supportWith its high-resolution display, the D315 fulfills all important requ..

345.10 USD

SNOM D345 Desk Telephone

High resolution display and self-labeling keys​The D345 Office Telephone supports 12 identities in a..

550.80 USD

SNOM D385 Deskphone

D385 DeskphoneThe perfect mix of elegance and cutting-edge technologyWith its wide range of function..

569.50 USD

SNOM D7 Expansion Module

A high-performance, high-resolution, easy-to-use expansion moduleAn expansion module provides users ..

382.50 USD

SNOM D735 Desk Telephone

Snom´s first sensor-supported IP telephoneThe new Snom D735 hits the right notes thanks to its timel..

426.70 USD

SNOM D745 Desk Telephone

High resolution display and self-labeling keysAesthetically appealing and highly practical, the D745..

550.80 USD

SNOM D765 Desk Telephone

A desk phone with HD audio and a rich visual information displayThe D765 combines ease of use, versa..

569.50 USD

SNOM D785 Desk Telephone

Next Generation VoIPThe Snom D785 belongs to the latest generation of advanced Snom IP phones. Elega..

569.50 USD

SNOM Extra microphones

Snom Extension Microphones – Extending the range of your MeetingPointThese additional microphones fo..

513.40 USD

SNOM M25 Office Handset

M25 Office HandsetA DECT handset for professional business useThe M25 DECT handset is a high-functio..

311.10 USD

SNOM M325 DECT Bundle

M325 DECT BundleUp to 20 handsets on a single cell DECT base stationThis single cell DECT package in..

574.60 USD


M5 Range Extending RepeaterExtending the range of your DECT solutionThis wall mounted repeater incre..

431.80 USD
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