The Snom C520 - WiMi combined with the Snom C52-SP is the perfect solution for people who regularly ..

525.30AZN Ex Tax: 445.17AZN

SNOM C520 - WiMi

The Snom C520 is a modern and cost-effective conferencing solution for enterprises of any scale.Than..

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SNOM D305 Desk Telephone

HD audio and sensor hook switchThe D305 is a professional phone with a high-resolution display that ..

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SNOM D315 Desk Telephone

Gigabit switch and USB supportWith its high-resolution display, the D315 fulfills all important requ..

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SNOM D345 Desk Telephone

High resolution display and self-labeling keys​The D345 Office Telephone supports 12 identities in a..

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SNOM D385 Deskphone

D385 DeskphoneThe perfect mix of elegance and cutting-edge technologyWith its wide range of function..

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SNOM D7 Expansion Module

A high-performance, high-resolution, easy-to-use expansion moduleAn expansion module provides users ..

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SNOM D735 Desk Telephone

Snom´s first sensor-supported IP telephoneThe new Snom D735 hits the right notes thanks to its timel..

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SNOM D745 Desk Telephone

High resolution display and self-labeling keysAesthetically appealing and highly practical, the D745..

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SNOM D765 Desk Telephone

A desk phone with HD audio and a rich visual information displayThe D765 combines ease of use, versa..

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SNOM D785 Desk Telephone

Next Generation VoIPThe Snom D785 belongs to the latest generation of advanced Snom IP phones. Elega..

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SNOM Extra microphones

Snom Extension Microphones – Extending the range of your MeetingPointThese additional microphones fo..

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SNOM M25 Office Handset

M25 Office HandsetA DECT handset for professional business useThe M25 DECT handset is a high-functio..

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SNOM M325 DECT Bundle

M325 DECT BundleUp to 20 handsets on a single cell DECT base stationThis single cell DECT package in..

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M5 Range Extending RepeaterExtending the range of your DECT solutionThis wall mounted repeater incre..

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