Mimosa B24 Backhaul (100-00074)

Mimosa B24 Backhaul (100-00074)

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Breaking through the barriers of price, size, and power requirements, the B24 delivers up to 1.5 Gbps of aggregate speed in the less crowded and unlicensed 24 GHz frequency band. By dynamically adjusting bandwidth based on upstream and downstream demand, the B24 efficiently delivers the most usable bandwidth possible with 1 ms low-latency, to meet modern internet traffic needs. The B24 is revolutionizing the industry, satisfying the needs of customers in multiple applications and verticals.

Lightweight, Low Power

At a fraction of the weight, size and power of alternative solutions, the B24 is incredibly easy to install and fits into any setting. At 6 lbs and consuming 19.5 W, the B24 is great for battery backup installations.

Fiber Ready

For flexibility, redundant ethernet and fiber connections are supported, a feature that was previously only available in stratospherically priced outdoor products.

GPS Sync for Collocation

Like other Mimosa products, GPS synchronization allows collocated B24 radios to share the same channel, permitting up to eight links to operate on the same rooftop, each running at 1.5 Gbps. 

Reliable Shorthaul

With superior reliability compared to the congested 5 GHz band, the B24 goes the distance even in the rain with reliable links up to 3 km (2 mi), and reaching farther than other 60/70/80 GHz alternatives.


• Fixed Wireless Broadband Backhaul

• Business and MDU Rooftop Connections

• Campus Building Interconnecting

• Video Surveillance and WiFi Hotspot Distribution

• Smart City Connectivity

* - comes with EU and US power plugs

Characteristics Reliable 24 GHz Unlicensed Gigabit Performance Aggregate Speed: 1.5 Gbps Link Distances: 3km Antenna Gain: 33 dBi