Brand: MIKROTIK Model: PL7411-2nD
802.11b/g/n WiFi AP with a single Ethernet port and capability to connect to other PWR-LINE devices through the electrical lines in your premises (Type C plug, European).The PWR-Line AP is a small Wi-Fi access point, made as an accessory to your existing network, for places, where your signal or you..
Ex Tax:89.32AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: PL7510Gi
PWR-LINE PRO (PL7510Gi) is a smart accessory to your existing network for places, where your signal or your cable is unable to reach. Usually data over power-lines would be capped at 100 Mbps, but with PWR-LINE PRO you can reach speed up to 600 Mbps!Simply plug this device directly into one of the L..
Ex Tax:119.58AZN
Brand: MIKROTIK Model: PL7400
PL7400 is designed for MikroTik products with microUSB port, like hAP mini or hAP lite. Connect PL7400 to your electrical outlet and then connect the USB cable to power your supported MikroTik device. When doing the same with another PWR-LINE compatible device somewhere further in your premises, the..
Ex Tax:61.95AZN
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