EXTRALINK Amelia 2 Core Fiber Optic Terminal Box Amelia (EL-TB-AMELIA)

EXTRALINK Amelia 2 Core Fiber Optic Terminal Box Amelia (EL-TB-AMELIA)

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EXTRALINK AMELIA 2 CORE fiber optic box

Fiber optic box AMELIA 2 CORE is used to connect and terminate internal fiber optic cables with pigtails. The box is used in wall or stationary installations. It has 2 outputs.

adele 2 core fiber optic box


  • Removable front flap, dust-tight
  • Suitable for many types of adapters used in fibre optic networks
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Possibility to use SC duplex or LC quad fiber optic adapters.
extralink amelia distribution box 2 core
Features / filters
Fiber optic muff mounting typeWall
Max. numbers of welds2 Core
Splitter holder in muffNone

Basic technical parameters
Scope of application3.0 x 2.0 mm drop cable or internal cable
Fibre diameter125µm ( 652 & 657 )
Diameter TBF250µm & 900µm
ModesSingle and multi-mode
Maximum number of seatsSC : 2
LC: 4
Operating temperature-40~+85C