Extralink 12U 600x450 Wall-Mounted Rackmount Cabinet Black

Extralink 12U 600x450 Wall-Mounted Rackmount Cabinet Black

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EXTRALINK 12U 600X450 Rack Cabinet Black

The Extralink rack cabinet is designed for wall mounting in offices, network server rooms and CCTV control rooms. The external walls are made of cold-rolled steel sheet, while the front door has a tempered glass pane with the possibility of opening to the left or right side.

EXTRALINK Cabinet Interior

Clearly marked cabinet height

Vertical rails have a corresponding height designation, which is 12U (unit). The total height of the cabinet is 74 cm.

EXTRALINK Cabinet Height

Easy disassembly of side walls

Snap fasteners on the side walls allow for their disassembly. Locks and keys are included.

EXTRALINK Wall cabinet

Fan-installed ceiling

On the ceiling of the cabinet there are 2 places to install fans for better cooling of the devices, as well as additional conduit for pulling out cables.

EXTRALINK Cabinet Ceiling

Cabinet construction - drawing

EXTRALINK Cabinet Construction


  • Standard 19'' mounting, welded frame, reliable design
  • The frame is designed for self-assembly, easy to transport to save shipping costs
  • Standing/Wall Mounting
  • Easy installation (patent)
  • Removable side panels
  • Holes for cable entry, both on the top cover and on the bottom panel
  • Tempered glass front door, rotation angle exceeds 180 degrees