Case of Warranty Agreement

In case of failure of the purchased product, you can use Compusale Service Centre. Compusale Technologies LLC Service Centre Address:  Baku AZ1011, Shamil Azizbayov str.140, Avenue Veraj,(Jale Plaza), 4th floor

Phone Number: (+994) 123101033;  (+994) 503110333   (+994) 553110333

Weekdays                  09:00 - 18:00
Saturdays                  10:00 - 17:00
Lunch break               13:00 - 14:00
Sunday is day-off

Product warranty period is mentioned on warranty coupon which attached to each product.
Return Turms

In accordance with the law on Consumer Production, you may only return a fully functional product, without defects and subject to the preservation it's packaging box, within 14(fourteen) days. When return a product, you will get full amount to the product, less the amount paid for the delivery.

Warranty Terms

* All offered products are available of 1(one) year warranty;

* The warranty does not cover consumable items and materials (batteries, power supplies and etc.), as well as to repair or replace parts of the product naturally wearing during operation;
* The quarantee does not cover software;
* The warranty repairs may be refused if the installation or repair of the goods produced by persons without appropriate authorization and qualification;
* The Consumer loses the right to the warranty repair in case of violation of the storage conditions, transportation and product operations conditions. Guarantee seals on the housing should not have any traces of opening;
* Read the manual supplied carefully before switching on the equipment, the right to the warranty repairs will be lost, in case of non-compliance with the operating conditions;
* Shipping Service Centre and Return the replaced product shall be covered by the buyer. All defective parts replaced during the repairs remain in the company.

* Replacement of defective equipment in service during the warranty period can be extended by the company for 5-35 days.