3CX Phone System Enterprise 256SC

3CX Phone System Enterprise 256SC
3CX Phone System Enterprise 256SC
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  • Model: 256SC

3CX is a software IP-PBX on open standards, providing a complex "box" solution for unified communications.

Install, monitor and service your system independently. With 3CX it is easier to manage ATS in any environment - in the office, on servers and in the "cloud".

Annual licenses are valid for 12 months and are subject to regular extension. The price is calculated for the number of one-time calls (Single calls) for the company. Usually on 3-4 internal numbers there is 1 one-time call. Subsequently, the company with 50 numbers will need a license for 16 one-time calls.

Software platform Unified Communications for 8 competitive calls

Adoption of 3X

- Installation and management with their own forces

- Cheap communication and savings on phone bills

- Unified communications: indication of presence, chat

- Constant availability: clients for Android and iOS

- Click2Call and CRM integration

- Locally: on a server with a virtual machine or mini-PC

- In your "cloud": Google, Amazon or OVH