Compusale Technologies invites IT professionals to improve their skills and become certified MikroTik specialists. Classes are held in small groups, in a specially equipped classroom under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The learning process covers both the mandatory topics of each course, as well as practical issues and real projects. At the end of each course, students take an exam and receive an official MikroTik numbered certificate.

Upcoming trainings:

MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate) - 24-25-26 JULY

MTCRE (MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer) - 27-28-29 JULY

MTCSE (MikroTik Certified Security Engineer)  - 30-31 JULY

Structure of MikroTik training courses:

The main goal of the courses is to teach you how to work with equipment and the RouterOS operating system, use RouterOS to build IP networks with complex routing, and confidently configure MikroTik.

You will not "tick", but know exactly what you are doing and why.


MTCNA – MikroTik Certified Network Associate

An introductory course that gives an idea of the main features of the RouterOS operating system and RouterBOARD hardware. After completing the course, you will confidently configure the router to provide services to customers, perform diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Course program


MTCRE – MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer

An engineering course designed for professionals who want to understand in detail the intricacies of setting up static and dynamic routing. After completing the course, you will be able to set up traffic balancing and automatic channel switching between several providers, understand VPN and VLAN in detail, as well as the OSPF dynamic routing protocol.

*To take the course, you must have an MTCNA certificate.

Course program


MTCSE – MikroTik Certified Security Engineer

The MTCSE training is dedicated to ensuring network security using MikroTik RouterOS. During the training, the most common threats and attacks on the network infrastructure and methods of countering them are analyzed. Attack mechanisms at various OSI levels and vulnerability detection tools are being studied. Various MikroTik RouterOS tools are considered, designed to increase the level of network security, counter attacks and secure data transfer. Methods for restricting access to the router and methods for organizing flexible, secure administrative access.

In addition, the training addresses the use of cryptography. Options for building a VPN with various encryption methods, including IPSec, are considered. The principles of operation, the main standards and mechanisms of IPSecVPN and their implementation by means of MikroTik RouterOS are studied.

*To take the course, you must have an MTCNA certificate.

Course program



Vadim Skornich is a certified MikroTik trainer (TR0659 license), works personally with each course participant, checks control tasks and advises on course topics. Experience in IT - 30 years, the first experience with RouterOS - 1999.

Cost of each training: 510 AZN

*By attending 2 courses, extra 10% overall discount

*By attending 3 courses, extra 15% overall discount

The payment includes:

- Training

- Laboratory equipment

- Educational materials

- Lunch and coffee breaks

- International MikroTik certificate

*MikroTik hAP Lite router and L4/P1 license as a gift!


Teaching language:



Training schedule:

MTCNA - 24.07-26.07 - 9:00-18:00

MTCRE - 27.07-29.07 - 9:00-18:00

MTCSE - 30.07-31.07 - 9:00-18:00


Benefits of training:

IT specialist

• Systematized knowledge of MikroTik equipment

• Increasing the general level of knowledge about networks

• Opportunity to obtain an international certificate

• Increase your professional level and, as a result, the level of income


• Increasing the professional level of employees

• Ensuring the reliability of the computer network through the use of equipment MikroTik

• Significant cost savings when implementing MikroTik equipment in the organization's network

• The presence of competent and certified specialists increases the competitiveness of the company in the market

• Increasing employee loyalty by investing in the company's human resources potential

To register for trainings and additional questions:


[email protected]