We invite you to the MikroTik Certified Course Introduction to Networking: The PRE MTCNA Course.

This course will help you understand how the Internet generally works, how to plan and build networks. We will take a look at the OSI model and the TCP / IP protocol stack. Let's find out what the network address and subnet mask are. Let's get acquainted with the basic settings of the MikroTik equipment.

Knowledge of the information covered in this course will help you complete the MTCNA course.

The beauty of the course is that upon completion of the course, students receive an L4 license, which costs 52$ .

Why this course is needed:

• Understand how the Internet works

• Be able to make basic settings for various equipment for connecting to the Internet

• Learn what the OSI model is and what it is eaten with

• Learn what a protocol is, what they are, what and where they are used (TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4 and IPv6, DNS, ARP and about dynamic routing protocols)

• Understand what a network / subnet address is, what they are, how they are formed

• Learn to select equipment for specific tasks

• Prepare for the MikroTik MTCNA course

As part of the course, you:

1. Learn to make basic settings for connecting equipment to the Internet

2. Learn what the OSI model and the TCP / IP protocol stack are

3. Get to know the basic Firewall configuration in MikroTik

4. Learn to make basic settings for MikroTik equipment

5. Prepare to Successfully Complete the MTCNA Course

Course program

Module 1: Introduction, OSI Model, TCP / IP Protocol Stack, IP Addressing

Module 2. Introduction to MikroTik, history of MikroTik

Module 3. Mikrotik Quick Set

Module 4. FireWall Basics in MikroTik

Module 5. MikroTik Management

Module 6. Learning from MikroTik

Course organizer:

Compusale Technologies LLC


Vadim Skornich is a certified MikroTik trainer, experience in IT - 30 years, first experience with RouterOS - 1999, license TR0659, trainer with a very high average student score - 90%.

Course cost: 75 AZN

The price of the course also includes:

- Coffee breaks

- Printed name certificate

Gift for each participant:

- RouterOS L4 license

Training schedule:

October 6: 9: 00-18: 00

Duration: 1 day

Language of training:

Russian / English

Additional information and registration for training:

(+994)55 307-38-77