Mikrotik hAP ac² - Overview of a wireless router on RouterOS

Mikrotik hAP ac² - Overview of a wireless router on RouterOS

Mikrotik hAP ac² - Overview of a wireless router on RouterOS


In this material we will get acquainted with the capabilities of one of the most accessible models among interesting and home users - Mikrotik hAP ac². This product has gigabit network ports and dual band Wi-Fi support, including 802.11ac. At the same time, its cost is about $ 100, which looks good against the background of competitors from other manufacturers comparable in technical characteristics.

This rather powerful "kid" is intended more for use in a small business than in an ordinary apartment. The new design of the device is more designed to attract the average user, but the appearance, as you know, can be deceiving.

Interestingly, the model in question is presented in the "Wireless for home and office" section of the company directory and has the combination "AP" in the name, which is usually interpreted as "access point". At the same time, only specialists familiar with the coding scheme can decipher the full article of the device: RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC.

We warn you right away that it is impossible to tell in detail about all the functions of RouterOS in this product in one material, and it will rather focus on comparison with mass solutions in the most common tasks. So the article will be useful to those who are looking at Mikrotik routers as an option to expand the capabilities of their home network.

Delivery set and appearance

The box of the router is very compact due to the use of internal antennas in the device. It is made of simple but sturdy cardboard. The box has an informational sticker with the MAC addresses and serial number of the device. Also pay attention to the indication of the type of power supply plug.

Contents of delivery:

  1. Rbd52g-5hacd2hnd-tc;
  2. Mount stand;
  3. Power Supply;
  4. Dowel set;
  5. Quick start instructions;
  6. Instructions for attaching the stand.

Additional instructions in this case are not superfluous, since a not quite standard mount for the stand is used, and the instructions describe in detail how to mount the router. The stand itself is made of transparent plastic with silicone legs.

There are two mounting options: horizontal and on a vertical edge. The patch cord is not included, which is somewhat surprising. Nowadays, most home or small business hardware vendors do include a patch cable.

Power adapter for 24V 0.8A, which is 19W. This power is quite enough to connect an external drive.

hAP AC2 is quite small. In terms of dimensions, it is quite comparable to the usual hAP lite, which allows you to place it in a niche or closet.

The body of the device is made in the form of a trapezoid made of matte plastic. In the process of unpacking the device, after removing the plastic film, it turned out that a lot of fingerprints remained on the body of the device.

The front panel LEDs are small dots that make up the port number LEDs. After switching on, the indication turned out to be indistinct and pale. In general, Routerboard sacrificed the quality of the case to the detriment of design.


The power supply is relatively large and in some cases may block adjacent outlets. Its parameters are 24 V 800 mA. The cable is 1.5 m long and has a standard 5.5 / 2 mm round connector.

The rear panel of the device contains:

- 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The first WAN port supports PoE IN;
- USR and Power indication;
- Power supply connector.

There is a USB connector on the end of the device next to the reset button. According to the official specification, Mikrotik hAP AC2 rbd52g 5hacd2hnd tc uses USB 2.0 type A with amperage up to 1A. This means that it will be possible to connect almost any modems and various external devices.

If you are used to choosing your gadgets by appearance, then Mikrotik hAP ac² probably will not impress you - a monochromatic body made of dark matte plastic with a "velvet" coating. Dimensions 120 × 97 × 33 mm, weight - about 170 g (without stand).

The complete transparent plastic plate can be fixed in two ways - for vertical installation of the router case or for mounting it on the wall.

Although in the second case, you can put it on the table. Moreover, just on the plate there are four small rubber inserts for stability.

Given the different options for placing the router, it is difficult to clearly name where which side is. But we will traditionally assume that the connectors are on the back. There is a power input port, a reset button and WPS connections, two indicators and five gigabit network ports.

On the opposite side there are indicators of activity of network ports. Note that all LEDs are not bright. They will not distract, but they can only be viewed from a close distance.
A USB 2.0 port and a Mode button are placed on one of the ends.

Opposite there is a platform for installing the stand and an information sticker with MAC addresses and serial number.

To ensure a comfortable temperature regime, several relatively small ventilation grilles are provided on the case.

In general, the user gets a utilitarian device with a seemingly traditional design. But in reality, the model looks better than photographs and from certain angles can even be assessed as stylish or original. Separately, it is worth writing down the advantages of compact dimensions. However, using internal antennas can negatively affect wireless communication.


Disassembling the device will require a little skill and special tools. It is necessary to disassemble very carefully, since traces remain on the plastic cover even after the smallest intervention with a tool.

The top of the board is covered with a massive heatsink. The Ethernet ports, USB port and power subsystem are also soldered here. Along the edges of the board there are 2 antennas for 2 and 5 GHz, respectively. Each antenna has a gain of 2.5 Dbi.Обзор mikrotik hap ac2

Разбор устройсва mikrotik hap ac2

The main components of the device are located at the bottom of the board. According to the official documentation, support for 1 Gb / s speed for each port occurs using an AR8327 switch chip connected to a Qualcomm QCA8075 processor via a 2 Gb / s bus.

Микротик hap ac2

The main differences from the younger model of the HAP AC device:

- Increased amount of RAM up to 128MB (sometimes 256 MB);

- 4-core processor;

- Increased power consumption;

- Number of channels in AC standard;

- Availability of Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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