Ubiquiti GigaBeam airMAX AC 60 GHz Radio (GBE)

Ubiquiti GigaBeam airMAX AC 60 GHz Radio (GBE)

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airMAX AC 60 GHz / 5 GHz Radio with 1+ Gbps Throughput

GigaBeam is a 60 GHz radio designed for low interference, high bandwidth connections. It includes a 5 GHz radio for failover. For a 60 GHz connection, GigaBeam supports the use of 2.16 GHz full frequency bandwidth. Special radio control makes it easy to configure via Wi-Fi.


60 GHz radio with backup 5 GHz radio

60 GHz Low Noise Spectrum

Up to 1+ Gbps low latency

2.4 GHz radio control

Full Bandwidth Support: 2.16 GHz