MikroTik CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM

CRS354-48G-4S + 2Q + RMBest price and best performance on the market - This 48-port switch is suitab..

1,230.80AZN Ex Tax: 1,043.05AZN

MikroTik CSS610-8G-2S+IN

Cloud Smart Switch 610-8G-2S+IN is our answer to the everlasting demand for more power in a small an..

246.50AZN Ex Tax: 208.90AZN

MikroTik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN

RouterBoard 2011UiAS-2HnD-INThe RouterBoard 2011UiAS-2HnD-IN is considered the best among all the wi..

323.00AZN Ex Tax: 273.73AZN

MikroTik RB1100AHx4

RouterBoard 1100AHx4The RouterBoard 1100AHx4 is a 13-port Gigabit router with its own rackmount case..

714.00AZN Ex Tax: 605.08AZN

MikroTik hEX Lite

RouterBoard 750 r2 hEX LiteAre you running your own business at home? Then you are one of the many w..

108.80AZN Ex Tax: 92.20AZN

MikroTik RB2011iL-RM

RB2011iL-RMIf you’re having problems with your router or want to create an access point or a bridge ..

248.20AZN Ex Tax: 210.34AZN

MikroTik CCR1016-12G

Cloud Core Router 1016-12GThe wireless demands of an enterprise are very different from those of hom..

1,696.60AZN Ex Tax: 1,437.80AZN

MikroTik CCR1036-12G-4S

Mikrotik Cloud Core Router 1036-12G-4S is the latest flagship model in the Mikrotik industrial route..

2,516.00AZN Ex Tax: 2,132.20AZN

MikroTik CCR1036-12G-4S-EM

CCR1036-12G-4S is an industrial grade router with cutting edge 36 core CPU. If you need many million..

3,026.00AZN Ex Tax: 2,564.41AZN

MikroTik CCR1036-8G-2S+

Mikrotik fastest router has now become even better - the new CCR1036-8G-2S+ now has two SFP+ ports f..

2,754.00AZN Ex Tax: 2,333.90AZN

MikroTik CCR1036-8G-2S+EM

Mikrotik fastest router has now become even better - the new CCR1036-8G-2S+EM now has two SFP+ ports..

3,298.00AZN Ex Tax: 2,794.92AZN

MikroTik RB2011UiAS-RM

RouterBoard 2011UiAS-RMThe RouterBoard 2011UiAS-RM can be considered a landmark especially if it’s c..

292.40AZN Ex Tax: 247.80AZN

MikroTik RB2011UiAS-IN

RB2011UiAS-INThe RB2011UiAS-IN is a great value for money. It already runs on RouterOS Level 5, has ..

292.40AZN Ex Tax: 247.80AZN

MikroTik RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition

RouterBoard 1100AHx4 Dude editionThe RouterBoard 1100AHx4 is a 13-port Gigabit router with its own r..

971.31AZN Ex Tax: 823.14AZN

MikroTik RB2011iLS-IN

RB2011iLS-INAre you planning to build a much bigger network? Do you want to spend less time figuring..

268.60AZN Ex Tax: 227.63AZN
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