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Wouldn’t it be nice if you can create a robust and dependable wireless network in your home or office without complications and without draining your coffers? Ubiquiti Network has come up with a conglomeration of wireless technologies that are designed to work superbly with one another. Hence, you won’t have any issues with them. Best of all, most of these components can be easily managed and controlled via a remote desktop interface. One of the devices that complete the equation is the mPower. 

3-port Power Switch 

The mPower is a port power outlet from Ubiquiti Network. It works similarly like an extension cable made up of various outlets so it’s able to serve multiple devices or appliances simultaneously. With the mPower, you can now add more ports and other types of hardware into the mix. Most of all, since these port switches are also compatible with 802.11 wireless b/g/n standards, you can get Internet right away. 

Easy and Quick Installation 

The outlet can be used at any part of the home. If you’re trying to reclaim some space, you can just mount this on the wall. All the parts that you need for fast installation are already included in the package. All you have to do is to set this up real quick—in no more than 10 minutes—and you can already be browsing or accessing sensors through the virtual interface. 

Completes the Setup 

The mFi WiFi system is truly revolutionary. With the ports and sensors, you’re not just able to build a solid wireless network but also gain more control of them. The sensors, for example, can be customized to trigger certain actions such as turning the lights on or monitoring points of entry. The mPower simply enhances the capability of your system and makes it convenient to upgrade it. The mPower 3-port outlet also has a 8MB Flash and 16MB RAM. It measures 241.3 by 116.9 by 41.27 mm and weighs 790 grams.


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114,00 $

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